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The professionals at CoreGroup are dedicated to assisting business enterprises and individuals to maximize their long term potential. Our experts work with individuals and organizations to enhance human performance and to create clarity and alignment around business strategy and management. The Core Process™ has been developed over the course of fifteen plus years to aide clients in identifying and resolving core issues that may hinder company and personal development, while at the same time establishing a blueprint for future growth and success.

Harnessing The Power Of Consciousness

Research and experience have shown that every individual and organization possesses vast potential for achievement, resulting in a more effective, dynamic, and productive environment. Optimal environments result in participants who have complete awareness and are fearless in their approach to achieving both individual and organizational objectives. Such an environment allows all involved to develop greater internal capacity, the ability to think clearly, courageously, and optimistically, regardless of external situations. Employing the Core Process results in individuals and organizations moving to a higher level of personal achievement and performance while changing for the better – the dynamics, tempo, and mindset of constituents.

The Core Process can be deployed quickly and effectively to produce long-term benefits for both individuals and companies. Our approach is outlined further here.


Core Process & Core Map

Uncover & Develop Your Path to Success

Core Issues are the limiting beliefs and behaviors which hinder positive and meaningful advancement in personal and organizational growth. These beliefs and behaviors are unique to each and every individual and require meaningful exploration and self-discovery.

The Core Process provides a methodology by which to identify necessary changes in both the individual and in turn the organization that will result in significant positive changes designed to produce the desired results of improved individual and company performance.