CoreGroup works to help individuals and organizations gain meaningful insight and understanding of issues which have prevented success. By utilizing the Core Process, it is possible to leverage awareness and expand internal capacity to unlock the potential for personal freedom, maximize performance, and gain quality of life within the individual.

The Core Process recognizes that real solutions come from within. Focusing on awareness of the internal state of an individual is the first step in the process. Coupled to this are methods designed to identify internal motivation and thoughts of an individual which can lead to real solutions coming from within the person.

Success in business comes from helping people to identify and solve their problems, the ups and downs, from an inside out perspective.

At the individual level, thought, mind, and emotional focus is critical for success.

Thought is a mechanical, cognitive process. Mind is the energy which envelops thought. Energy drives thought. Emotion is essential to the process, but often interferes with maximum or optimal success, because most individuals and organizations do not focus on understanding the interaction and importance of these variables in the human condition.

When a person is out of balance, it is impossible to maximize positive energy, and in turn, positive, optimistic, and fearless thoughts. When a person achieves a state of existence in which they can always think optimistic, fearless, and courageous thoughts, the person is able to calm the internal mind, reaching a state of bliss and tranquility, peace, and harmony. Doing so results in dramatic improvement of individual and organizational success.

How this condition manifests itself is different within each and every person. The condition looks different because each person perceives different needs to survive.

The Core Process is the exploration of these issues within the individual. The Core Process is designed to allow the individual to produce greater internal capacity and awareness, resulting in the ability to develop knowledge, apply the knowledge, and then practice the newfound understanding.

Core Map™

Once individuals within a working group can become self-aware and develop an internal capacity to reverse the senses, it becomes possible to apply the knowledge gained to the organization.

Core Map provides a platform on which the organization can explore its own persona and create mission, vision, and values that can be adopted by senior leadership in unison and in turn be impactfully communicated to all people within the company.

The Core Map process is focused on creating powerful teams. The methodology allows a company to develop a common purpose, quality, and authentic communication, identification of emotional intelligence within the approach of management, and create deep organizational trust which is implicitly and instinctively understood by members of management.

The Core Map process can be undertaken through multiple sessions conducted with senior company management over an eight-to-twelve-week period. A variety of behavioral quantitative measures are also collected and analyzed and discussed during the process.

Core Process & Core Map