Group Core

Core Forum

The Core Forum program is comprised of individuals who have completed the Core Process and who wish to participate in ongoing support. Each group contains 8 participants who meet monthly to discuss personal and professional issues. Each group is facilitated by a CoreGroup advisor.

A three to six day retreat designed to assist individuals and organizations to identify their core issues.

Core Intensive

CoreGroup Advisory Services

Highly focused individual sessions with the CEO or senior officer of the company to understand key issues leading to the development of company tailored performance and business enhancement strategies. Multiple sessions over a long term period.

CoreGroup is well versed in mediating difficult issues which arise in both personal and professional settings. Disputes between partners, employees, family members in business can all be addressed by identifying Core Issues and then applying this knowledge to resolve disputes in a reasonable manner.

Conflict Resolution Services

Tenets of the Core Process
A multiple session program to more fully explore and understand the dynamics of human thought and consciousness.

Holistic inside out approach

What you think and how you think matters.

Negative emotion and it’s impact on maintaining positive, optimistic, courageous, fearless thoughts.

All substance is one substance.

Humans are governed by universal law.

Fearless pursuit of truth.

Cause and effect and our responsibility for the life we create.

Thoughts are antecedent to all behavior.

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